Rotary Meetings

The Rotary Club of Fishkill meets every Wednesday at 7:30 a.m. at the I-84 Diner located at the intersection of Routes 52 and 84 in the Town of Fishkill. Board meetings are held the first  Tuesday of each month (unless a holiday) at 6 p.m. at the office of the Fishkill Rural Cemetery on Route 52 in Fishkill.


The Rotary Club of Fishkill has been honored in recognition and appreciation for contributions to the enhancement of Rotary International's Public Image Awareness. The club was recognized for its Operation Warm Coats initiative, Vocational Award Winnner recognition and the club's efforts to reach out to the community during the holiday season. Congratulations!

About Us

                                               MEMBER RESPONSIBILITIES




Rotarians are encouraged to attend weekly meetings with a minimum of 60% attendance required by Rotary International (exceptions are considered on an individual basis).




Annual dues of $210 (includes $60 for the Installation Dinner) are due on July 1.




Members are expected to participate in club projects and social events with focus being in four quality service foundations:

internal club functionality; imporovement of community quality of life; advance international goodwill and understanding; and promotion of the highest ethical standards in all occupations.




                                                         2020-2021 Officers


                                      President                         Tristan Smith

                            Vice- President                          Austin Schweitzer

                                        Director                          Vicki Kessler

                                     Treasurer                          Steve Quesnel

                                     Secretary                          Asher Pacht

                                Sgt.-at-Arms                          Tom Brooks




                                     Jean Fenton, George Kellerman, Anthony Trigonis, Roberta Theiss,

                                     Don Williams, John Braca, Brynna Trumpetto, Julie Spann, Melinda

                                     Potter, Savi Dorawala, Frank Kalan, Pat Roza, Nick Forlano, Emelie 

                                     Zias, Sterling Gaston, Skip Rottkamp, John Romano, Dave Koehler






                                                      The Four Way Test


                                                          Is it the truth?

                                                Is it fair to all concerned?

                                  Will it build goodwill and better friendships?

                                            Is it beneficial to all concerned?

                                                   VOCATIONAL AWARDS

                                            Honoring Non-Rotarians in Fishkill


                               2009     Fred Schaffer- Walkway Over the Hudson

                               2010     Minister Luader Smith - House of Hope Ministry

                               2011     Joe Raffaele - The Bagel Shoppe (Fishkill)

                               2012     Murray Suggitt - Fishkill Food Pantry

                               2013     Fred Cantor - Fishkill Little League

                               2014     Dolly Lancaster - Salvation Army

                               2015     Craig Thomas - Craig Thomas Pest Control

                               2016     Rick Zolzer - Hudson Valley Renegades

                               2017     Chuck Benfer - IHeart Media

                               2018     Shop-Rite Corporation (Fishkill Store)

                               2019     Fishkill Farms                   

                                      CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL.....AND THANK YOU