Rotary Meetings

The Rotary Club of Fishkill meets every Wednesday at 7:30 a.m. at the I-84 Diner located at the intersection of Routes 52 and 84 in the Town of Fishkill. Board meetings are held the first  Tuesday of each month (unless a holiday) at 6 p.m. at the office of the Fishkill Rural Cemetery on Route 52 in Fishkill.


The Rotary Club of Fishkill has been honored in recognition and appreciation for contributions to the enhancement of Rotary International's Public Image Awareness. The club was recognized for its Operation Warm Coats initiative, Vocational Award Winnner recognition and the club's efforts to reach out to the community during the holiday season. Congratulations!

                                            LIST OF PAST PRESIDENTS


1953-54          Emery J. Hay                     1981-82       H. Karl Weil

1954-55          David Chrystal                   1982-83       George F. Suppan

1955-56          Robert H. Auchmoody       1983-84       C. Robert Holt

1956-57          Robert Hammond              1984-85       William E. Sohan, III

1957-58          Stanley R. Talbot               1985-86       Charles J. Scully

1958-59          Earl T. Ketcham                 1986-87       Alistair Barrett

1959-60          Neil MacCoull                     1987-88       Robert L. Hughes

1960-61          Anthony Griswold               1988-90       Sterling C. Gaston

1961-62          Todd Brinckerhoff               1990-91       Charles G. Chase

1962-63          George D. Munger              1991-92       Robert P. Horn

1963-64          Paul Nussbickel                  1992-93       John A. Romano

1964-65          Roy Phillips                         1993-94       George Carter

1965-66          John S. Stevens                  1994-95       Hugh J. Maurer

1966-67          Frank Farrell                        1995-96       Joan A. Sourenian

1967-68          Richard K. Meyers               1996-97       Jeffrey B. Harrison

1968-69          John S. Nelson                    1997-98       Elizabeth Jean Fenton

July-Dec 69    Thomas E. Scott                  1998-99       Timothy L. Every

Jan-June 70    Herbert Weidner                  1999-00       Roberta L. Theiss

1970-71          William T. Tierney                2000-01       Joan A. Pagones

1971-72          George Chambers               2001-02       Frederic M. Cantor

1972-73          John J. Mitchell                    2002-03       Robyn Credo

1973-74          Emil F. Koenig                     2003-04       Cyril Rottkamp

1974-75          George Adams                    2004-06       Theresa Langlais

1975-76          Chester Sawyer                   2006-07       Frederic Cantor

                                                                                        Donna Mills

1976-77          Dr. Arthur J. Macarios          2007-08      Donna Mills

1977-78          James Gibney, III                 2008-09      Cyril Rottkamp

1978-79          Roger W. Pine                      2009-10      Steve Quesnel       

1979-80          Eugene Parlin                       2010-11      Sterling Gaston

1980-81          Robert T. Van Vleck             2011-13      Cary Wagner

                                                                    2013-14      Tom Brooks

                                                                    2014-15      John Romano

                                                                    2015-16      Roberta Theiss

                                                                    2016-17      Julie Spann

                                                                    2017-18      Vicki Kessler

                                                                    2018-19      Asher Pacht

                                                                    2019-20      Dan Fenyo

                                                                    2020-21      Tristan Smith